Wavy Mosque

The mosque had a small basin.
The mosque reflection into the basin water was all my imagination about the mosque.
Perhaps for this reason, the mosque was always waving in my mind.
For others, the mosque was a solid wall. They have not seen the dome and walls reflections.
Well, maybe that's the reason that you can fall in love, in my mosque. But love is forbidden in their mosque.
Their mosque had a solid geometry which my wavy mosque did not have.

Architecture should be worn. Must be lived in. Architecture is not a reparative forms and not necessarily all windows are view-through. Not all dark colours are sad and bright colours reminds happiness. All the knowledge learned in rush can be re-learned. Perhaps something new can be found. Perhaps during all re-learning process, someone finds a way to wear the architecture or take a walk with her! Adobe is not first element creating architecture. It’s just a mean to search for that element.

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Silver, Bronze, Enamel

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