Empty Room

The room which was empty with nothing in it
Anything but you
Your color, your smell, your voice
Your mood…
The room had a window
Leaving was its view
And this time, too, your leaving
A room full of not being

Many hassles these days, became ornamental. Not buying a piece of cloth for its beauty; but attracted by its brand. Not buying jewelry for its elegancy; but for its gems or gold. We avoid falling in love just because it seems love is the way evolution. We fall in love just because!
Just because everyone does! Just like we went to school just because everyone goes to school. We don’t get rich to spend money but just tend to collect and count the money; for the sake of having the money. This is when love becomes ornamental. A love with no use, no solution to anything and is just for the purpose of show off. Basically ornamental love is the same if show-off love because ornament is to show off and to attract attention. In the world that everyone is blind, what would be the use of ornamentals?
Ornamental love is part of our show-off lives. We are the people who enjoy more by getting attention for our happy moment rather than enjoying the happy moment itself. Whatever we eat, wear or buy is to show off. Show-off is about kissing the lover in front of all and not in private. The lover who must follow the fashion trends or dine at the most expensive places. That’s the time that no joy is private! Not even the joy of listening to a music while driving. Seems we all are shouting, hey everyone, I am enjoying myself. Hey everyone, not until you watch my happy moments, I won’t be able to enjoy them. I am creating a love which is a fiction, a dream, a wish!
A wish for a none-ornamental love…

Collection name

Ornamental love


Silver, Enamel