The Bar

I was standing in one of the city’s square with my eyes closed
Somewhere someone was shouting selling something
There was uproar somewhere
Some were laughing together
I could even see the sound of steps of those walking towards the bar
I could loudly see everything I should have heard
My eyes were still closed but I could see the color, the light and all belongings of the bar beside the square
I saw love, kindness, jealousy and greed one by one
“I could see with my eyes closed.”

Architecture should be worn. Must be lived in. Architecture is not a reparative forms and not necessarily all windows are view-through. Not all dark colours are sad and bright colours reminds happiness. All the knowledge learned in rush can be re-learned. Perhaps something new can be found. Perhaps during all re-learning process, someone finds a way to wear the architecture or take a walk with her! Adobe is not first element creating architecture. It’s just a mean to search for that element.

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Silver, Bronze, Enamel

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