Shapour Bazar

People pass by in my vicinity.
Some of them come; and some go.
Some of them faster and others just a bit slower.
Everyone has a concern; they talk about it and they move on.
None of them are similar to mine.
From talks about the high end lifestyle to the earthquake somewhere in the world to the childish behaviors of a country and its effects on other things!
Here is not like before anymore, its unsafe!
Seeking a shelter, I go from a booth to another booth.
None gives me the sense of security.
It sounds they took it away from bazar,
“rare to find”.

Tehran is an awkward city. Nothing is in order here; there is no particular spirit throughout. It is just like a multicultural society which everyone talks their own language and represent their own culture.
Diversity is nice, however there should be a harmony in order to reach to peace and unity. On the other hand, the entire character of Tehran is inspired by its invader buildings which have caused chaos.
It is the awkwardness of Tehran that defines Tehran! There are some lost elements in Tehran’s back alleys which no one notices them. Tehran is not only the city with the iconic tower; its a scattered land with many lost things.

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Silver, Bronze, Enamel

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