The Corridor

The yard of our house had a door to Granny's yard
Having passed through a corridor
Coming down a few steps
You could smell the sweet odor coming from Granny's kitchen
Which would change the world's color
It was not just the smell of food
It was the smell of Mother's hands
The smell of the sound of Grandfather's laughter
The warm smell of a red apple
Which, once threatened by a knife,
Spread the aroma of the gatherings on the balcony.
This love had no decoration
Did pure beauty need any?!
Was there anything more beautiful to beautify it?
Was there a color anywhere
More beautiful
To adorn its visage?

Architecture should be worn. Must be lived in. Architecture is not a reparative forms and not necessarily all windows are view-through. Not all dark colours are sad and bright colours reminds happiness. All the knowledge learned in rush can be re-learned. Perhaps something new can be found. Perhaps during all re-learning process, someone finds a way to wear the architecture or take a walk with her! Adobe is not first element creating architecture. It’s just a mean to search for that element.

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Silver, Bronze, Enamel

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