Wearable sculptures of the “Dot” group

What the creators of this exhibition have gathered is not only beautiful jewellery to adorn their users! Although these works can easily be a message of beauty, this goal is undoubtedly one of the last goals of the artists of this exhibition.
The members of “Dot” group have gathered to pursue a goal beyond adornment. Jewellery, like any other art in today’s world, including sculpture, painting, etc., can tell a story other than beauty. Among the works of this group, sometimes a pure look at the events around us is formed in the form of jewellery, sometimes the creator gives a human feeling to the audience, sometimes he speaks of simplicity, and sometimes he mixes this art with an architectural look. In other words, every work with a subject that expresses the goal comes to life in different bodies.
The name of this group also refers to the same theme. The points that are the first elements of every letter and every form will have the potential to express any theory. The points that make a border after each other and with a distance from each other, the empty space inspires every unsaid word.
“Dot” group has made jewellery from another angle, maybe it can take a step forward. Now the art of jewellery making is no longer limited to houses, galleries and museums of contemporary art, and this time the presence of our supporters becomes a place to show this art, and here is a person who presents this art in relation to people.


December  2016