Useless Machines

Exhibition of selected works of Parviz Tanavoli’s students

In this exhibition, 15 students of Parviz Tanavoli displayed their volumetric works under the title of Machines Machines. These artists have written about the philosophical-artistic idea of these works, which have been created under the title of useless machines. In this machine age, it might be an interesting game to create useless machines, both in words and in this machine age. It might be much harder to imagine commanding the brain to create a factory with nothing and in useless than to create a work and a factory with a logical and lasting effect. Despite this common theme, the technical diversity, performance and creativity in performance-expression methods have distinguished the work of these artists. Each artist has created their own unique style and interpretation of the concept of useless machines, exploring the idea that machines and parts can work continuously for hours but ultimately be nothing and absurd. Through this exhibition, these artists have demonstrated the power of creativity and imagination to create something that is seemingly useless, but in reality, has a profound impact on viewers.

Time of the exhibition: December 2016

place of the exhibition: Mahe Mehr Gallery