The world of pioneers

An exhibition of sculptures by students of renowned Iranian sculptor Parviz Tanavoli is a world of creativity and inspiration. The pioneering works and thoughts of great artists have been the source of inspiration for these new works.
The students went through a three-step process in creating these works. First, they examined the characteristics of contemporary art and the works of legendary artists. After the analysis, they selected techniques and exercises on the works and followed that with a combination of the thought and viewpoint of the artist with their own creative perspective to create new pieces.
The impressive collection of sculptures was presented in the exhibition and it is a testament to the creativity and skill of the students. The works are a vivid reminder of the influence of great artists and the inspiring nature of art. It also celebrates the incredible talent of Parviz Tanavoli and the new generation of sculptors who are ready to take the art world by storm.

Time of the exhibition: April 2016

Place of the exhibition: Niavaran cultural center