‏The eighth period of the Haft Negah exhibition

The directors of Aria, Elahe, Dey, Golestan, Mah Mehr, Haft Samar and Vali galleries have come together to promote Iranian visual arts. To achieve this goal, they have formed a group with the aim of finding solutions to raise the profile of Iranian visual arts and introduce it to the public. The group has outlined a number of initiatives to promote Iranian visual arts, such as holding exhibitions in Tehran and other cities and abroad, introducing young and talented artists and presenting the works of older and more experienced artists to art lovers, creating art workshops, holding seminars and Q&A sessions with Iranian artists and artists, and finally holding the “big Exhibition of the Year”. The directors of the galleries are confident that these initiatives will help to increase the visibility of Iranian visual arts, both in Iran and abroad.

Time of the exhibition: October 2015
Place of the exhibition: Niavaran cultural center