Dance of silence

ADVOCARTSY is pleased to present “Dance of Silence,” a solo exhibition by Iranian born Siavash Jaraiedi featuring 18 sculptures based on a poem written by the artist examining the relationship of law and life.

All are welcome to attend the opening reception for Siavash Jaraiedi: Dance of Silence at ADVOCARTSY’s West Hollywood gallery space. Both the artist and ADVOCARTSY founder and director, Roshi Rahnama, will be present.

The culmination of nearly five years’ work, Jaraiedi’s “Dance of Silence” synthesizes his passion for architecture and design, social justice, and poetry into a controlled cacophony of science and morality that explores the artist’s doubts concerning the embedded traditions and laws of our society. Fixated by the pursuit of perfection yet indentured by earthly limitations, Jaraiedi’s sculptures implore viewers to shift their perspective inward. He states “I want visitors to look for the commonalities between themselves and the sculptures and hopefully leverage this inspiration in their own life. By better understanding the various dimensions of our existence, we may become closer to perfection. I believe the spiritual actualization of human beings at the individual level is our first step toward a peaceful world.”

Jaraiedi’s sculptures pay homage to the artist’s various influences, seamlessly integrating his many talents in an effort to capture and visually distill the essence of his poetry. The resulting artworks are enchanting and surreal monuments of truth. Suspended in action, his carefully composed figures seek to reveal profound revelations usually left teeming beneath the surface. Having exhibited his works internationally, Siavash Jaraiedi’s works are included in art collections worldwide, with his sculptures appearing in various publications, including ‘Mania of Collecting’ by Parviz Tanavoli (2020), Today Architecture & Fashion Magazine, and The Third Pishnegah Book of the Year in 2018. Siavash Jaraiedi is currently working as an artist in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

`We are excited to exhibit a strong body of sculpture works that overlay topics relevant to the Iranian life experience and the universal themes of the human condition. This exhibition keeps within ADVOCARTSY’s mission of showcasing exceptional art by artists of Iranian origin whose practice meaningfully impacts the contemporary art dialogue, ADVOCARTSY is thrilled to initiate the artist’s representation through “Dance of Silence” and to present Jaraiedi body of work with this U.S. debut.’ Roshi Rahnama, Founder and Director of ADVOCARTSY.

Artist Statement

It was a doubt that led to the creation of this collection! The doubt I encountered years ago. My skepticism of the law, this sacred creature that is even more entrenched than man’s most entrenched creations. This ignoble noble, whose lineage no one ever questions. This multicolored wall marginalizes the human condition, without any regard for all its qualities. This claimant of justice sits on the seat of power and is never in peril. The law is oppressive, but its oppression is legal oppression! Unquestioned and unchallenged! A well-balanced coexistence of oppression and law. Without dispute and without quarrel! Just like the ups and downs in a piece of music and the synthesis of these two antitheses; so inseparable that each one is incomplete without the other. Man agrees to call submission compromise! To call survival life and consider its deformed law as a symbol of justice! No one protests, man is silent out of respect for the law. A contradiction that, in a striking way, has reached equilibrium; a contradiction similar to

The contradiction of sound with silence!
The contradiction of the law with me!
The contradiction of geometry with humans!

Geometry is the first crystallization of oppression in the world of shapes. At school, we teach our children that every geometric shape has a definition, every point that follows these definitions is a geometric form, and being geometric is undoubtedly a kind of superiority in their world! Each geometric shape has a name. Has a way of being described, visualized, or measured!

The contradiction of geometry with humans!

I adorn the contradiction! Painting the face of discrimination with pretty designs! Decorating geometry with letters. Letters that, thanks to geometry, become enduring patterns. They promise spring and bloom! Flattering letters, busy praising the pens who write the law instead of poetry – and gild it even more beautifully, with flowers and birds.

This collection, which I have worked on from 2018 to 2021, is a poetic search that studies the heterogeneous and at the same time well-balanced relationship of such contradictions.