Agha Mohammad Khan Bravo exhibition

In today’s modern world, jewelry is no longer a category that is specific to a particular gender or age and a certain range of society. With the power of social networks and the bombardment of brand advertisements at various prices, the audience for cheap and expensive jewelry is now very high. The world of accessories is one of the most up-to-date businesses in the luxury goods industry, which has a large audience as part of the world fashion and clothing industry. Recently, a group exhibition of concept jewelry with the presence of 60 artists and with the concept of Tehran was formed. This exhibition focused on concepts from old and new Tehran, giving the audience a nostalgic feeling and reminding them of the sixties and before that. The subtlety of design and construction gave them a gentle feeling. This combination of tradition and modernism, or nostalgia and drama, is what makes the world of jewelry so exciting and ever-evolving. With the increasing demand for jewelry, the industry is constantly innovating to meet the needs of its customers, making it one of the most dynamic and exciting markets in the luxury goods industry.

Time of the exhibition: September 2016
Place of the exhibition: Atbin gallery