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Silence collection

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Medals are small sculptures designed and built to keep a memory alive.


Bracelets will be unveiled in the next collection of jewelry and like other works, their design is based on the main concept of the collection.


Rings have been presented in three different collections and are typically a combination of silver, bronze, and enamel. Each of them, while confessing to membership in a unique collection, has different ending.


Certainly, the design of an individual jewelry is more exclusive than a name pendant on neck. In each of my collections, while there are works with limited editions, it is possible to design and construct single- edition works for each individual.


Cufflinks are in jewelry category. Small sculptures that play a role apart from performance on the audience body.


The audiences of earing as my other artworks are contemporary and sculpture lovers. Two-colored earrings is their significant feature.

As a conceptual artist, I believe that beauty is important, but it is not the only thing that matters. A work that has something to say has a deeper beauty, because the purpose and concept behind it is beautiful. What matters more than form and appearance in my artworks is always the concept of the work. This concept can be an expression of a concern from the community, a critical look at a false belief, or a celebration of the sense that surrounds the world. Ultimately, the final product may be beautiful, but it is also important to consider if it adds something to human thought, solves a problem, or creates or eliminates a belief.

siavash jaraiedi