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silence collection

Silence collection

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Medals are small sculptures designed and built to keep a memory alive.


Bracelets will be unveiled in the next collection of jewelry and like other works, their design is based on the main concept of the collection.


Rings have been presented in three different collections and are typically a combination of silver, bronze, and enamel. Each of them, while confessing to membership in a unique collection, has different ending.


Certainly, the design of an individual jewelry is more exclusive than a name pendant on neck. In each of my collections, while there are works with limited editions, it is possible to design and construct single- edition works for each individual.


Cufflinks are in jewelry category. Small sculptures that play a role apart from performance on the audience body.


The audiences of earing as my other artworks are contemporary and sculpture lovers. Two-colored earrings is their significant feature.

Designing the concept is akin to planting a seed in the fertile soil of creativity. Once that seed is nurtured and begins to sprout, the rest unfolds naturally, like branches reaching for the sky and leaves unfurling in the breeze.

The concept is the guiding star that sets the course, the North Star in the constellation of creation. It is the foundation upon which the entire structure of your artistic endeavor is built, the blueprint of your masterpiece.

When you design the concept with care and intention, it’s as if you’ve crafted a roadmap for your creative journey. It provides direction, purpose, and a deep well of inspiration. It shapes the contours of your work, infuses it with meaning, and breathes life into every brushstroke, every word, every note.

In the realm of artistry, the concept is the genesis, the genesis of ideas, emotions, and stories that will captivate, resonate, and stir the soul. So, design the concept, and watch as the beauty, the emotion, the meaning—all of it—unfolds like a mesmerizing tapestry woven from the threads of your imagination.

siavash jaraiedi