Born in 1984 in Iran, Siavash Jaraiedi embarked on a lifelong journey of sculpting and poetic creation from an early age. His unwavering fascination with storytelling and the artistic realm propelled him on a path of creative diversity. In 2008, he made a pivotal move to Germany, an experience that added a fresh layer of depth to his artistic odyssey.

Upon his return to Iran, after immersing himself in the emotions of society and nurturing a profound connection with his homeland, Jaraiedi’s well of empathy ran deep. It spurred him to channel his artistic prowess into representing critical social issues through his works of art. Under the mentorship of esteemed sculptor Parvis Tanavoli at his Tehran studio, Jaraiedi refined his focus, directing it toward the realms of sculpture and poetry.

In 2016, he established the RAAV concept studio. This creative haven became the birthplace of his collection of conceptual, hand-crafted jewelry inspired by the rich tapestry of literature, stories, and history. Much like his sculptures, these jewels serve as heartfelt tributes to the many influences that have shaped his artistic soul. They seamlessly weave together his myriad talents to capture and visually distill the essence of his poetic spirit.

The resulting artworks are nothing short of enchanting and surreal monuments to truth. They hang in a delicate balance, suspended in action, while their carefully composed figures seek to unveil profound revelations that often lie concealed beneath the surface of the human experience.

Today, Siavash Jaraiedi, based in LA, is an internationally recognized artist. He is humbled and honored to see his works grace the collections of well-known institutions across numerous countries, including Iran, the United States, Canada, France, and Germany.

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