Born in 1984 in Iran, Siavash Jaraiedi’s artistic journey began early in life, fueled by a deep passion for storytelling and creative expression. His unwavering fascination with the artistic realm led him to explore various forms of artistic expression, including sculpture, paintings, and poetry. In 2008, he embarked on a transformative chapter, moving to Germany, where he enriched his artistic experiences. This international exposure added a fresh layer of depth to his creative odyssey. Upon returning to Iran, Jaraiedi found a profound connection with his society and a strong sense of empathy, inspiring him to address critical social issues through his art. Under the mentorship of renowned sculptor Parvis Tanavoli in Tehran, he refined his focus, directing it toward sculpture.
In 2016, he established the RAAV concept studio, a creative haven that gave birth to his collection of hand-crafted jewelry inspired by literature, stories, and history. Like his sculptures, these pieces reflect the diverse influences shaping his artistic soul.
Jaraiedi’s sculptures pay homage to the artist’s various influences, seamlessly integrating his talents to capture and visually distill the essence of his poetry. The resulting artworks are enchanting and surreal monuments of truth. Suspended in action, his carefully composed figures seek to reveal profound revelations usually left teeming beneath the surface. Having exhibited his works internationally, Siavash Jaraiedi’s works are included in art collections worldwide, with his sculptures appearing in many publications. Siavash Jaraiedi works as an artist in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

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