Born 1984 in Iran, Siavash Jaraiedi began constructing sculptures and writing poetry as a young child. Always intrigued by design, Jaraiedi studied the foundations of architecture in Tehran before going on to receive his Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from the Staedelschule School of Art in Frankfurt, Germany. His experience working alongside like-minded creatives and learning from distinguished art professors such as Tobias Rehberger and Daniel Birnbaum reinvigorated his love for art and inspired him to pursue his passion. Upon returning to Iran, Jaraiedi began studying under and eventually assisting esteemed sculptor Parvis Tanavoli at his studio in Tehran. While Jaraiedi continues to research and teach architecture, his primary focus has shifted to sculpture and poetry. In 2016 he founded RAAV concept studio as a home base for his collection of conceptual, hand-crafted jewelry inspired by architecture, literature, and history. Like his jewelry, Jaraiedi’s sculptures pay homage to the artist’s various influences, seamlessly integrating his many talents in an effort to capture and visually distill the essence of his poetry. The resulting artworks are enchanting and surreal monuments of truth. Suspended in action, his carefully composed figures seek to reveal profound revelations usually left teeming beneath the surface. Now exhibiting his work internationally, Siavash Jaraiedi is honored to have artworks acquired by well-known collections in numerous countries, such as Iran, the United States, Canada, France, and Germany.

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